Duke's Defining Movement

Creating short films with DefMo changed my life. Every person in the group challenged me to be more creative, accepting, and open-minded. They were the ones who helped me fall back in love with creating visual narratives. Their skills blew me away everyday and it was an honor to be able to get the chance to create with them. I will never forget these times. 

We created the following videos over a span of about 4 months. Every week was filled with brainstorming, choreographing, practicing, filming, and late late nights in the MPS editing studio. None of this would have been possible without Aurelia Fava, who was the mastermind behind all of the videos. 

Who is DefMo? - Founded on the pillars of service and multiculturalism, Defining Movement was created out of a need seen on Duke’s campus for a diverse organization that transcends the lines of race, gender, background, beliefs, and more. Defining Movement uniquely promotes acceptance, unity, and diversity through art. With a common passion for dance, students of completely different backgrounds come together to try new dance styles, explore other cultures, and learn more about one another, all while bringing their own experiences to the group. By incorporating a wide variety of dance styles and cultural roots, Defining Movement aims to challenge the preconceived notions attached to specific types of dance and to encourage dialogue about stereotypes in today’s society. 

Connor Guest