Alter Global

DP / Editor / Producer || Alter’s ventures scale-up to create thousands of new jobs and deliver essential products and services to millions of people. The entrepreneurs become role models who lead the transformation of their own national ecosystems. My job as a multimedia producer for Alter was to create a set of videos that highlight the game-changing entrepreneurs and the Alter Fellowship.

Boiling Point

San Onofre’s Nuclear Crisis

DP & Assistant Editor || Since its construction in the late 1960s, San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) has been the source of much controversy. Something about millions of pounds of apocalypse-inducing chemicals sitting next to the Pacific Ocean, a major highway, a fault line, Los Angeles to the north, and San Diego to the south hasn’t sat well with many SoCal residents and environmentalists. In 1977, over a thousand anti-nuclear protesters gathered to challenge the construction of units two and three – the generators known today for their unfortunate similarity to the female anatomy. In 1982, 15,000 people gathered in Laguna Niguel, a stone’s throw from the plant, to protest its existence. Suffice it to say, recent flare-ups concerning the decommissioning process, and specifically how Southern California Edison is storing spent nuclear fuel at SONGS, has been a problem for a generation with different window dressing. But, that doesn’t mean the public doesn’t have a right to be concerned.



DP || (Full film HERE) I traveled to El Salvador with Kassia Meador, Leah Dawson, and Lola Mignot, three outstanding women who are inspiring the next generation of ocean lovers through their alternative approach to both surfing and life. Each has developed a strong voice as a leader in surfing, and managed to do so on her own terms. They ride the boards they want, spearhead projects that speak to their passions, and keep their eyes peeled for interesting ways to engage that fascinating nexus where surfing and the rest of the world collide.



Bringing Science out of the lab

Over the years of working in science and education, we have been using a method where we teach science as a subject associated with facts, formulas, and figures. Unfortunately, this method is failing in creating science literacy.

Our aim is to teach science as a lifestyle, or a perspective, that employs critical thinking, inspires curiosity, and encourages people to explore the natural world. We're bringing science out of the lab and into the public eye through an adventure series called Access Chile.

Filming of the first three episodes for the series is complete, and we are now in the post production phase. Release date is tentatively beginning of April.



DP || Alison Teal, Time Magazine's Female Indiana Jones, travels to the remote and exotic corners of the earth to investigate the greatest myths, mysteries and legends. In this episode we explore Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world.




DP & Editor || A short film created for Rise Up Surf Nicaragua

Surfers: Keli Moore and Karson Lewis || Music by Jordy Maxwell


Malibu in the Moonlight

DP & Editor || Last Friday evening, 4/27, was pretty special. After the sunset a few of us in the water, who were all strangers to one another before hand, got to share some perfect little waves under the light of the moon together. 


Surf RELIK & Untitled Arts



DP & Editor || A short film and editorial for Herewith Magazine and Banks Journal

Skaters: Lex Weinstein and Elise Crigar


Access UTAH

DP & Editor || A film I shot and edited with Access Collective for Visit Utah, Utah's tourism bureau. This was a week long shoot in Cedar City, Utah with two pro skiers, Amie Engerbretson and McKenna Peterson.  I had the opportunity to work along side Nat Geo photographer Ben Horton for the duration of the shoot.